First Time Cruise Tips That You Can Use

Going on a cruise is a great way to unwind. There are a number of different regions that you can travel to by a cruise ship. It is up to you to do all the necessary planning and booking before you travel. Here are a few things for you to take a look at, to help you on your cruise.

Normally a short cruise is likely to sail across the Bahamas and in some cases Key West, Florida. If you are attempting to go on a week-long cruise, these usually come in three different types. This may include eastern and western and also sailing across southern Caribbean areas.

If you’re looking for a cruise which is free from any type of stress, you should make an all-inclusive trip. This is beneficial because it means that you will not have to look for hotels or restaurants, as part of this arrangement will involve these. All-inclusive deals are good to stop you from stressing out about all the little things. Instead of just concentrate on a great vacation.

Before booking a cruise never be prohibited, always ask your travel agent who is specializing in your cruise vacation any questions that you have on your mind. To find out the details of your cruise all you have to do is ask the booking agent in advance.

If you will be going on your cruise alone and want a cabin to yourself, this is something that you will need to discuss with the cruising company. If they do allow single cabins then use you should be prepared to pay a supplement charge.

Finally, if you haven’t considered bringing your family with you it may be good to spend a sunny vacation on the course together. The more people you bring to spend a good time with the better the trip will be.

I hope these tips have helped to give you a new perspective on booking your cruise and, will allow your journey to be stress free.

Consider Virgin Island Yacht Charters For a Romantic Vacation

Are you planning to go somewhere romantic with your lover? If so, then you must be looking for a place that you can visit with him or her. How about considering Virgin Island yacht charters?

The Virgin Islands are located off the Puerto Rican coast and if the Caribbean is where you would like to go to, then this is one location that you should seriously consider. Not only you are going to find beautiful beaches here but there are also forests and green mountains that you can explore when you are in this region.

Tortola is one place that you must visit because it is considered to be the biggest of the British Virgin Islands. When you are here, you should not miss the opportunity to so snorkeling and swimming. If shopping is what you are interested in then you can go to Road Town and if you want to explore the place, then be sure to head towards Fort Burt and Fort Recovery.

When it comes to yacht charter in the Virgin Island, you can not miss out going to Anegade. You can consider anchoring the yacht in the Loblolly Bay and then go snorkeling when you are here. You may be able to catch a glimpse or two of dolphins and whales when you sail to Anegade.

The St. Thomas Island is another island that you can consider sailing to. In fact, this island is so popular that many people prefer to start off their cruising vacation from this region. Some of the activities that you are going to love when you are here are clubbing, dining and of course, lets not forget shopping.

Jost Van Dyke is considered to be the smallest island out of the four chief islands of the BVI. Roach Hill is the highest point here and the island is mountainous by nature. You can easily reach this place by ferry and boats from Saint Thomas and Tortola. The Great Harbor is extremely popular here and it is actually a very common stop for people sailing from the Caribbean. The Great Harbor is also a very busy port in the BVI. Be sure to head to the Soggy Dollar Bar as it is a very well-known beach bar here and it is believed that the popular drink ‘Painkiller’ was invested in this bar.

If you are into extreme sports like windsurfing and kayaking, then you should probably head towards Cinnamon Bay. If you are a nature lover, then you will probably like to visit the Great Camanoe Island; as this place is very popular for its national park where you can check out terrestrial as well as marine fauna and exotic bird species.

These are not the only islands that you can visit when you consider to choose to charter a yacht to the Virgin Islands. There are many other islands that you can explore and you will most certainly have a wonderful time with your partner when you are sailing in the BVI.

Newcomer To The Cunard Fleet

Which two ‘Royals ‘are expecting the arrival of a new queen? Sounds like a ‘Weakest Link’ question, doesn’t it?

For followers of Cunard Cruises the question isn’t all that cryptic. The vessels, Queen Mary 2 and Victoria are being joined by the new Queen Elizabeth in October of this year. She will be the second largest liner in the company’s history and of course she will be following in the wake of all the other Queens in providing luxury ocean travel.

Needless to say, Queen Elizabeth will be technologically one of the most modern liners at sea today, but Cunard Cruises have been at pains to maintain the tradition of traditional, deluxe onboard accommodation for which they are synonymous.

The huge dimensions of the Grand Lobby and dramatically curved stairway presented special design problems that were solved after much thought and consultation. The original Queen Elizabeth, an icon in maritime history, will be featured in a specially commissioned 5-metre marquetry panel using a variety of nine different natural wood veneers.

Viscount Linley, a respected designer of fine furniture, was awarded the commission and he has produced a stunning masterpiece that spans two and a half decks and will be a breathtaking welcome to passengers as they explore the ship. The rest of the design throughout the ship is retro, a nostalgic link to the great Queens of the past.

The new ship will have 1,046 cabins, 85% of which are outside, with a high proportion of private balconies. Overall the cabins have been designed to provide a little more storage space (a must for long cruise holidays ) and more shelf room in the bathrooms.

As well as the usual excellent eateries that passengers have come to expect on Cunard cruises, there are some new innovations. On deck ten Cunard have created a reminder of the old QE2 days – the Yacht Club bar, which they are sure will just as popular with passengers as was the original.

The Garden Lounge was inspired by Kew Gardens in London. With its high, arched glass dome, it will provide a splendidly airy space for relaxation. It will also be the perfect setting for Cunard’s Supper Club, which will offer music, dancing and food tasting menus.

A real innovation will be found on the forward sun deck – a bowling green, and a croquet lawn… artificial grass, of course – even Cunard draws the line at mowing the real stuff.

Another ‘first’ for Cunard will be the introduction of a la carte pricing at the Queen Elizabeth’s Verandah Grill. The new Verandah Grill will be serving classic and contemporary cuisine and the pricing (per plate) is going to be very reasonable, Sadly, for those hoping for late cruise deals, Queen Elizabeth’s maiden voyage in October sold out in 30 minutes.